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Herbal teas made by a CSA member. Some of the teas include herbs from Eatwell Farm

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Botanical Cocao a fun flowery twist on the traditional cup of cocoa milk. makes an excellent coffee creamer or whipped cream. also great for baking and desserts. ingredients: valrhona unsweetened cocoa powder, organic ground cocoa nibs, organic maple syrup granules, shredded coconut, organic hawthorn berry powder, organic chamomile powder, organic lavender powder (Eatwell Farm), organic rose petal powder, organic turmeric root powder, ground nutmeg powder, ground cardamom powder

Golden Chai Tea A zesty, spiced digestion aid ingredients: organic ginger root, organic orange peel, fennel seed, organic turmeric root, cassia cinnamon, lampong peppercorn, green cardamom pods, california coriander seed, organic licorice root

Herbal Coffee Remix a grounding morning brew for daily ritual ingredients:organic thompson raisins, organic roasted chicory root, organic dandelion root, organic raw cocoa nib, organic holy basil (tulsi), organic ashwagandha root, organic ginger root, organic hawthorn berries, indonesian cinnamon chips, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder

Magic Party a tart refreshing, floral brew for anxiety relief -ALL ORGANIC- a favorite for tea parties and hosting. makes an excellent afternoon daily refresher. formulated to boost overall nervous system health. made to cool the body in the summer heat. packed with adaptogen herbs. from digestion to blood health, circulation and mind soothing herbs to boost calmness- this tea has it all. makes a great soda replacer. Also delicious in syrups, mixed drinks or lemonade. ingredients: organic lemon balm, organic hibiscus, organic lavender, organic tulsi leaf (holy basil, krishna), organic rose petals, organic ashwagandha root, organic hawthorn berries, local organic lemon verbena (Eatwell Farm), organic skullcap leaf

Skin Adorn for glowing skin and post-tattoo support, tea you drink on the inside and out! Ingredients:organic rose hips, organic lemon balm, organic marshmallow root, organic rose buds, organic calendula flowers, organic sage (Eatwell Farm), organic mugwort leaf

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