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Can't get any better than this
By: Chata Gutierrez    (May 9, 2013)

These boxes are the best. When we first starting getting the boxes we had never eaten leaks, purple garlic, grown arugula and many other fresh produce. Once we started eating this produce, a whole different world opened up. Marvelous. Delectable. Savory. Incredible. Bursts of color and taste for our mouths. I am not a writer, but produce from Eatwell Farms is heavenly. The eggs! Oh, my God. Delicious. THIS is what an egg should taste like. The strawberries!!! You can't help but close your eyes and let out an "mmmmm..." The sweetest, most exquisite taste on earth. I'm not exagerating. The arugula. How to describe the flavor of grown arugula... It's like a cute baby grown into a full fledged woman. It has character, personality, beauty within and without, strength. Stunning. You will not regret these boxes. Well worth every penny. Learn to use everything. If you don't use it, it's because you don't know how you can. Honestly. Everything!. God bless you Eatwell. God bless you all.

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