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Delicious farm fresh eggs from pastured hens fed certified GMO-free feed. Please note, seasonal limits are in effect, and a maximum of ONE dozen per delivery at this time.

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These eggs are completely different from supermarket eggs, both in flavor and nutrition. Test results on eggs raised on pasture show less cholesterol and much higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a number of important micro-nutrients difficult to get from other natural sources. The eggs are laid only days before you get them. They stand up high when you break them, have a beautifully bright orange yolk, tender whites, and a rich and grassy taste. Try them, and you’ll never want to go back …

Pasture-raised: unlimited access to pasture on Eatwell Farm
Cruelty-free: not debeaked, never caged, no forced molting

May be fertile: there are roosters in the fields with the hens. However, there aren’t enough to guarantee fertilization. Some of the eggs are fertile, while others are not.

Available for delivery to Eatwell Farm CSA box members.

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