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Drinkwell Softers are made with fresh organic flavor ingredients from Eatwell Farm, Str aus yogurt whey (our source of lacto-bacillus), Organic cane sugar and a pinch of French grey sea salt.

Strawberry Rose Geranium 16 oz.
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Lemon Verbena 16 oz.
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Rose Geranium 16 oz.
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 Lavender 16 oz.
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Drinkwell Softers are lacto-fermented soft drinks based on ancient beverage making techniques. As technologies advanced, many of these techniques for food preservation or drink making have nearly been lost. My first experience with lacto-fermented sodas was at a Weston A. Price conference here in San Francisco. They were delicious, refreshing and unlike any soda I had ever tried before. I knew from that first glass this was something I wanted to make at home for my family. Within 8 months, after lots of fun experimenting, loads of learning, failing and improving, and still more learning, we introduced Drinkwell Softers at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market.

Relying on the alchemy of lacto-fermentation, we begin with whey from Straus Yogurt, filtered water, organic cane sugar, French grey sea salt. When the lacto-bacilli in the yogurt whey is fed carbohydrate, in this case organic sugar, it reproduces, resulting in more pro-biotic (friendly) bacteria, lactic acid and C02 - natural carbonation. The flavor ingredients: organic hydrosols*, fruit juices or herbal brews - are fresh, real and pure. The finished product is a soft drink that has a clean and refreshing taste, is naturally low in sugar, and loaded with pro-biotics, electrolytes and digestive enzymes. Although it is a simple combination of ingredients, it is a "living libation" that requires care and finesse.

What makes Drinkwell so different from other soft drinks, sodas or even Kombucha? It's the flavor. With a few exceptions we use flavor ingredients that come from our farm or the farms of our friends. This imparts a very different taste. Delicious straight, they are loved by children and adults. A unique, fun mixer in cocktails, and a sophisticated alternative for those looking to avoid alcohol.

Now bottling the four flavors made with Eatwell Farm Botanical Hydrosols: Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Rose Geranium and Rosemary. Please ask for them at local markets, restaurants and bars.

*Hydrosols are aqueous solutions of essential oils usally obtained by steam distillation from aromatic plants. They have uses as flavorings, medicine and in skin care. (Definition taken from Wikipedia: Herbal Distillates)