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Wheat Flour - 'Sonora' from Capay Mills

Our farmer friend David is passionate about wheat, growing heirloom varieties and milling them fresh. He grows and mills the same wheat flour we do-Sonora.

Wheat Flour -
Cloverleaf Farm

The Cloverleaf Farm is a eight acre orchard and farm outside of Davis, California, bursting with peaches, nectarines, apricots, figs, and berries. Emma Torbert, Katie Fyhrie, Kaitlin Oki, Yurytzy Sanchez and Kyle Chambers lease the orchard from The Collins Farm.

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Cultured Butter

Spring Hill long-churns their organic chef's choice butter in small batches.The low moisture, and high butterfat puts the home in homemade, the flaky in pie crust, and a depth and richness to all your creamy sauces. Cultured butter has a longer shelf life than traditional butter sticks.

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Mixed Date Gift Box from Flying Disc Ranch

A beautiful mix of 2018 harvest of dates from Flying Disc Ranch of Thermal, California delivered in a cute gift box

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