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Aedan Foods brings Japanese fermented foods that are essential to flavor and health of every traditional Japanese meal to your table.

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COUNTRY MISO: (8 oz.) Ingredients: Rice Koji, Barley Koji, Soybeans, Salt, Water Our most popular miso, Aedan Country Miso is made from two kinds of koji blended with soy beans to make a rich, nutty, mild taste with a rustic warm aroma. You can enjoy the miso fresh as a veggie dip or in miso soup. 10% Sodium Fermentation Time is 6 + months

CHICKPEA MISO: (8 oz.) Ingredients: Rice Koji, Chickpeas, Salt, Water -Gluten and Soy Free This miso uses chickpeas instead of soy beans as its base. It has less salt than traditional miso. It delivers a unique wonderful sweet flavor profile, perfect for dips, spreads, salad dressings, sauces and summer soups. 9% Sodium Fermentation Time: 6 + Months

SAGOHACHI: Sagohachi is a pickling sauce made from amazake and salt. It is named after its ingredients and ratio of 3 parts salt, 5 parts koji, 8 parts steamed organic rice and yields a natural sweetness and soft aroma. To make your pickles, combine this sauce in a ziploc bag with your favorite chopped vegetables such as cucumbers, eggplant and carrots overnight. You can also use this sauce to pickle fish and meats. Fermentation Time: 7-10DAYS

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