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Hydrosol is a product of the distillation process. It is the water from the flowers and contains fully emulsified essential oil.

From: Eatwell Botanics

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Certified Organic
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Certified Organic
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So what do I do with this hydrosol ?

  • Simply spritz yourself- face, hair, body, and clothes.
  • Cool a hot flash.
  • Soothe a sunburn.
  • Clean the air, very good when you are traveling as it acts as an air-borne viricide.
  • Freshen the bathroom
  • Make your own wet wipes- spray on tissue or damp clothe and use. Great for dirty faces, hands and bottoms.
  • Add a splash to white wine or champagne.
  • Spray in the dryer before adding clothes and then directly on the clothes.
  • Spray on clothes during ironing.
  • Spray on cloth napkins and tablecloth.
  • Place bowls of hydrosol with flowers floating in them as a dining table center piece.
  • Spritz your face while stuck in traffic.