Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Community Supported Agriculture?

How much does it cost?

Can I choose what I get?

How much food is it?

How much of the produce in your boxes is from your farm?

Is all of the produce in your CSA certified organic?

I'm not sure if I should get deliveries every week or every-other week. What do you suggest?

I'm new to cooking. Do you provide recipes?

What time can I go pick up my delivery?

What is the exact address of my pick-up location?

How large is the box? How heavy? Can I carry it home?

Why do you use plastic bags for some of your produce? I'm really trying to cut down on plastic use and would appreciate my produce packed in either re-used plastic or a different kind of material. Can you do something about this?

Can I postpone deliveries when I go on vacation?

I signed up for every-other week deliveries. How does that schedule work when I cancel a delivery?

Why do you have a 4pm Sunday deadline for order and delivery changes?

Do you have home delivery?

How can I become a host?

What if I forget my box?

Can I pay by credit card?

I filled out the online form but haven't heard from you! What's going on?

I'm done with my four-week trial and want to continue. What should I do?

Do you have events?

Can I visit the farm?

Can I buy a gift subscription for someone else?

I am signing up for a trial subscription and want to know how to extend once it's time. What do I do?

I do not plan on becoming a member of your farm and don't live in San Francisco. Can I just stop by the farm and buy some produce and eggs?