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Gentle, smells amazing and we love it! A blend of Eatwell Farm Rose Geranium Hydrosol and essential oils in a base of grain/cane alcohol.

From: Eatwell Botanics

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Sometimes good things come from mistakes, as is the case with our deodorant. One day, working on a batch of hand sanitizer, I accidentally put Rose Geranium essential oil into the alcohol. Thankfully, I caught myself before mixing it into the batch. So I saved it and put it into a spray bottle, decided to add a bit more Rose Geranium essential oil and try it out as a deodorant. It was really nice, but I thought it could be just a bit better. Played a little more, added rose geranium hydrosol to soften the alcohol a bit, and some rosemary essential oil for its amazing anti-bacterial properties and wow, we all loved it! Deodorants are such a personal thing, what works really well for one may not work at all for another, so here is an option for you to try. Nothing else added, just these simple ingredients: grain/cane alcohol, rose geranium hydrosol, rosemary essential oil and rose geranium essential oil. I hope you love it as much as we do!