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Each CSA box is filled with fresh, local, organic vegetables and fruit. To include eggs with your deliveries, please order them as an add-on product.

Family Box - 26 deliveries
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Box for 2 - 26 deliveries
$624 value for $576
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Family Box - 13 deliveries
$403 value for $372
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Box for 2 - 13 deliveries
$312 value for $288
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The contents of the boxes vary from week to week and season to season. Every Friday, Jose, Cameron and Andrew determine which crops are at their peak and ready to harvest, and they choose 10-13 different items to include in the following week’s CSA boxes. The 'Box for 2' includes 6-7 different items. You can count on a delicious selection of familiar vegetables, fruits and herbs along with a handful of unusual produce. Approximately 85% of the box contents are grown on our farm in Dixon, and we collaborate with other local, organic farms to help fill the boxes.

Your taste buds will be delighted you’re eating such flavorful vegetables and fruit. To check out past boxes, click here: This Week's Box. In order to inspire your inner chef, we always include weekly recipes in our newsletter and blog: Eatwell Recipes.

    Everything that we produce can be a wonderful gift for someone. Please consider a gift subscription or take along one of our essential oils or flavored salts as your next hostess gift.

Refer friends & family to get 20% of their first subscription in credit!

And remember: your dollar is a powerful vote of support for Eatwell Farm.

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