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The Cloverleaf Farm is a eight acre orchard and farm outside of Davis, California, bursting with peaches, nectarines, apricots, figs, and berries. Emma Torbert, Katie Fyhrie, Kaitlin Oki, Yurytzy Sanchez and Kyle Chambers lease the orchard from The Collins Farm.

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 Elderberry Syrup
16 oz.
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Cloverleaf's small-batch elderberry syrup has a fruity and wild taste. Delicious in tea, glazes, sauces, or as a syrup on pancakes. Available in 2 sizes: 16.5 ounces or 5 ounces.

Ingredients: elderberries, sugar


Cloverleaf's peaches are slow-cooked with chile peppers, onions, garlic and tomato. Delicious on burgers, fries, or as a glaze. 9 ounces.

Ingredients: *peaches, *tomatoes, *onions, *chile peppers, *apple cider vinegar, *garlic, *olive oil, *brown sugar, salt, *bay leaves, *allspice, *cloves, *cinnamon, *red pepper flakes