Chico Rice

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Japonica is a medium grain rice originating from Japan that is extremely versatile and exhibits a sweet and complex flavor. It is excellent for sushi and all Japanese and Korean dishes but is versatile enough for use in a risotto, stir fry, or any other rice dish, or even stand alone as a side!

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Often times, by the time traditional store-bought rice hits the shelves, it's already gone stale. Chico Rice is trying to change that. Chico Rice sells only the newest crop, grown on their farm. They do all the work themselves, from the planting to the packaging, which means they can mill the rice in small, fresh batches. So unlike that stale, plain grain that you're used to buying, their rice is bursting with sweet and nutty deliciousness.

** Blonde Milled California Japonica has a superior texture and the natural sweetness and nuttiness of the grain shines through, making it a truly unique product.

** Brown Milled California Japonica has the ultimate fresh and nutty flavor with a delicious fragrance and bold taste that will leave you craving more with every bite. A favorite among healthy eaters, brown rice digests slowly and keeps you feeling fuller, longer.

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